Dec. 14th, 2008

Finally got my gold chocobo. I had taken to naming them after characters and AIs from Red vs. Blue, so the final product ended up being called "Meta." Y'know, given that she's an amalgamation of the abilities of all the chocobos that went before her. I still have South, Tex, Church, Maine, and Delta (Sheila and Tucker were released after producing a string of blue chocobos, despite being class A). I'm thinking about releasing Maine, though, so that I can go out and catch a piss-poor bird and name him Caboose. ♥

Math final next week. I did really poorly on the first test and a couple of the quizzes, but the second and third tests I did rather well on, so I'm feeling a little more confident. I MIGHT JUST PASS THIS COURSE OMG. If I can scrape a D, I'll be good, but if I am truely made of win and success I might just get a C.

Dec. 10th, 2008


Srsly. I just turned the PS2 off after playing about 10 hours straight trying to breed Chocobos so I can get my gold and go to all the materia caves. But my green and blue birds WON'T FUCKING BREED black chocobos like I need them to, which means that I won't have a black chocobo which needs to breed with a "wonderful" class yellow chocobo to produce a gold.

In short, I spent ten hours building up my stable, and still no fucking gold chocobo.