Mar. 24th, 2010

Taking advantage of the fact that I'm the only one in the house (other than the cats) that's awake right now.

So. Finally, finally, finally managed to get an intake appointment in at the local low-income psych clinic a week and a half ago. It...probably went better than I think, because I could swear that the lady getting my info down wanted to lock me in a padded room, but here I am--safe in my very not padded house and awaiting my doctor's appointment (the earliest available was fucking April). Hopefully they won't try Lamictal again, that shit ruined my ability to produce anything of artistic value enough already.

Wrenched my knee last week trying to run on the treadmill, which is apparently broken. It would have been nice to know that before I turned it on and was thrown off of it, but eh. I'll live. I just have to wear the brace for a few more days and then I'm done.

When it rains, it pours.

Other than that, there's not much going on. Still absolutely terrified of going out in public alone, so I've been playing a lot of iRO during the week. The one good thing about all the DDoS attacks, DST WoE errors, and general problems the game has been experiencing is that the GMs keep adding days onto everyone's account subscriptions. This works out just fine for me, since most of it keeps happening while I'm asleep or doing chores or whatever and thus don't have to experience any inconveniences (except for the DCs while vending, that sucks).

Jan. 17th, 2010

So, tonight I'm going to a One Piece-based BESM campaign, after I deposit my sister's poor baby cat back at her domicile (he was recuoperating from a vet visit/teeth cleaning at our parents' house because did not need to be with our rambunctious kitten) and help a friend get some property back from someone. Property that should have been paid for, but which the person in question seemed to have simply forgot payment was due on. Hopefully that will be quick and painless and will not involve the cops, because I haven't had a good tabletop RPG in a while and don't want to be upset and teary-eyed and cranky for it. My nerves haven't been in the best state lately.

I'm the ship's doctor, by the way. Hopefully I won't lose too many patients.

This works out fairly well, because the GM has a scanner that I need to make use of. I brought an application home from the vet, but stupidly placed it under the canvas cat carrier and so it was peed on quickly by Ebenezer, who never really did like long car rides. I need to scan the app so I can fill out and turn in a copy that doesn't reek of ammonia. This would be an ideal job for me, as I would only be around animals and the occaisional vet tech, so I wouldn't have to constantly deal with stupid motherfuckers setting me off every five seconds like I did at most of my previous jobs. If I get this one, I might not have to go on disability/medicaid and can get some juicy employer-offered insurance with BCBS or something.

This is the optimal outcome. This is me trying to be optimistic. Big smiles.

Dec. 14th, 2008

Finally got my gold chocobo. I had taken to naming them after characters and AIs from Red vs. Blue, so the final product ended up being called "Meta." Y'know, given that she's an amalgamation of the abilities of all the chocobos that went before her. I still have South, Tex, Church, Maine, and Delta (Sheila and Tucker were released after producing a string of blue chocobos, despite being class A). I'm thinking about releasing Maine, though, so that I can go out and catch a piss-poor bird and name him Caboose. ♥

Math final next week. I did really poorly on the first test and a couple of the quizzes, but the second and third tests I did rather well on, so I'm feeling a little more confident. I MIGHT JUST PASS THIS COURSE OMG. If I can scrape a D, I'll be good, but if I am truely made of win and success I might just get a C.

Dec. 10th, 2008


Srsly. I just turned the PS2 off after playing about 10 hours straight trying to breed Chocobos so I can get my gold and go to all the materia caves. But my green and blue birds WON'T FUCKING BREED black chocobos like I need them to, which means that I won't have a black chocobo which needs to breed with a "wonderful" class yellow chocobo to produce a gold.

In short, I spent ten hours building up my stable, and still no fucking gold chocobo.

Mar. 5th, 2008

Gary Gygax died today. A few of us went out to CiCi's in some kind of bizarre tribute; pizza and soft drinks, the only food gamers need, became a sort of funeral feast in his honor. We said the gamer's prayer, Hans gave a speech in Gary's honor, and we all toasted his name.

The Dungeon Master will now truely watch over us all.