Feb. 12th, 2008

I am coming down with some kind of weird flu thing: a sore throat that comes and goes, some swelling of the glands (forget what they're called) under my jaw, pretty bad headaches, fatigue, stomach problems...it's pretty annoying. The fact that I'm also having trouble sleeping doesn't help. Really, who gets fatigued and can't fucking sleep? D= I'm pretty sure the insomnia is stress, though; school tends to do that to me.

Been keeping up with Anon's progress between work, class, and attempting to catnap. Seems yesterday's protests went well. There's a bunch of vids on YouTube of the different protests, and enturbulation.org's Breaking News forum is buzzing with updates. It's fairly interesting stuff.

I wish there was some way to upload my LJ archives to IJ. =/ GJ's probably going to implode soon (not like I ever finished archiving my old LJ post there, either), and I rather like the idea of having a backup in case I finally get fed up with LJ and leave it for good. I could just do one post at a time and backdate the entries, but I learned from my attempt to archive at GJ that I have neither the time nor the patience for that shit. Oh, well.