Nov. 13th, 2008

I haven't updated my blog(s) nearly as much as I used to (or should). I've simply been busy--math class, working anywhere between 35 and 45 hours a week, fretting over everything from finances to where the hell my other stocking brain has just overloaded, and...yeah. So, for the sake of getting some of this unnecessary bullshit out of my head, I'm updating now.

1) The thing that's been weighing on me most heavily this year is, or rather, was, the election. I spent a lot of my free time following everything; some of it was dissappointing (McCain's appointment of Palin as his VP candidate in particular made me RAGE, since it was obvious he counted on women being too fickle or too stupid to check her political views and instead simply vote with their vaginas). Some of it was pretty cool (first minority president, woohoo!).

I'm downright depressed over the passage of Prop. 8 and several other anti-gay bills, as I see it as a severe lack of separation between church and state that harms an already marginalized portion of the population.

I am, however, thrilled that many anti-choice ballot initiatives failed. While I don't see myself needing an abortion ever, at least I have enough sense not to go around telling other women they can't have one, either. Fortunately, it seems that a great majority of U.S. citizens feel the same way.

2) The dreaded MATH. This will be my...third time, I think, taking Finite. I completely bombed my first test, and we just took our second last week and haven't gotten our grades back yet. I'm estimating that, if I got all the problems that I was able to work correct, then my max grade is an 88. Not too shabby, but if I made any lower then I'm going to have to pull straight 100s on the third and final exams in order to pass the course. I've been going to tutoring, but...we'll see.

3) Work is, for lack of a better work, unnerving. With people freaking out over the financial crisis--a recession that would have been minor and temporary if people had just kept their heads on their shoulders and carried about life as normally as they could--has left the coffee shop in a bit of a slump. Tips are pretty good, because those customers who still come in see how dead we are and I guess they feel sorry for us, but we're down to anywhere between $200 and $400 profit per day, a significant decrease from the $600+ we used to pull in. This has left us with a five person staff, and we're hoping we can even keep that.

On top of that, I keep getting these crazy bastards when I close alone at night. One guy hung around for a couple of months; he had serious anger management issues and focused a lot of that hate on women. He flipped out on me more than once, which put me in a bad situation because if he had done anything worse than yell at me, what could I do? I might not get to the panic button in time, and I'm not allowed to do anything else on shift. Not to mention that, even if I did hit the panic button, if I didn't fight back I'd either have been assaulted or worse long before the cops showed up.

And then there's the everyday crazies, like the guy who yelled at me because it's store policy not to give out change for paper (even though I'd given him change already) because, apparently, the paper boxes out front mean that I personally am enticing him to buy papers. Even though I'm not the owner of the shop, nor does the boss own this building or the paper boxes, and the real estate company we rent from is responsible for their placement in front of our store. I don't know how or why all these assholes keep finding me, but it's gotta stop.

4) Everyday shit. I've been trying to maintain something similar to a social life and pay attention to myself every once in a while. I finally got that second set of lobe piercings I wanted done even though I probably should have spent that money on something else =D. I had let my hair grow out quite a bit from the super-short pixie I got about five months ago, but it was starting to bother me a bit. I've been fascinated by 1920s fashion, so I went out and got a bob a la Louise Brooks. It's pretty cute, too, which is great because it kinda-sorta distracts people from how awful the condition of my skin is right now.

Oh, yeah, the medicine I take for, disorder? One of the side effects is increased skin sensitivity. I can't use normal soap or facial cleansers on my face, nor can I use astringent, toner, or moisturizer. So, my horrible combination skin stays broken out; the only thing I've been able to use to control it is antibacterial hand soap (which just dries my skin out horribly and makes it itch, leading to other problems) and witch hazel. I don't even want to know how bad it would be if I had to stop using those, too. Mmm...I've been using Bath and Body Works shampoo, but it's starting to cause problems for my scalp now, so I'm going out in a little bit to grab some Burt's Bees shampoo, since organic shit seems to be the only stuff I can use without breaking out in acne, hives, or some combination of the two. I can't use deodorant, and have instead taken to using baby powder. I have to stop and reapply it if I get too active and sweat during the day, but it's better than being stinky and certainly better than sporting a constant rash. D=

Been replaying FFVII when I'm not working or studying lately, too. There's a lot that I've forgotten about the game in terms of equipment and materia combinations, so I'm having to experiment and relearn all my old tricks. At least I got Cloud chosen by the Don? =D

My car is dying a slow and painful death. I'm kind of...trying to coerce it to hang on, both because I can't afford a new car and because, quite frankly, I love Fish and don't want to see him go. It's very sad. My PSOne and my other laptop (the one I recieved for Christmas about two years ago in lieu of the usual assortment of gift cards from my family) died recently, too, which makes me glad I have this old 2003 clunker left alive. I need to get a new laptop, since this one's age makes me fear for its continued existence daily.

Other than that...nothing much has been going on. It doesn't look like a lot on paper, but having it all in my face at once has been pretty overwhelming.

Nov. 4th, 2008


So, how about you guys, FList? Have you cast your ballots yet? =D